Tape as Storage

Ive been doing a lot of research into this recently.

I'm not exactly sure what intrigues me about Tape maybe its the life span of 30 years 

or the capacity of many terabytes of data Its mainly used by small and large

 businesses for archival but my plan would be to use it to store vital information if disaster ever struck and the internet was no more. Imagine having terabytes of 

information videos and documents on starting civilization again basic electronic

 guides, farming know how, instructions on creating weapons, guns, and

 ammunition, documents on how to manufacture biodiesel and different types of fuel 

like FEMA's Gasifier, or a catalog of modern medicine and medical Technics, the 

basics in Physics, Math, and History, a calendar for the next 200 years, a in-depth 

guide to all things survival long term and short term all the things listed 

above you can easily find on the internet but in a disaster there will be no internet

  I think it was The Walking dead that an outside source sold a book to restore 

civilization to Rick and they paid whatever it took for that information thats kinda 

the idea I've had when researching into this I'm no prepper but its always nice

to be prepared for whatever circumstance you may encounter 

In conclusion I don't think you should go out and pay 2k for a LTO drive 

but maybe you could buy a cheap thumb drive and fill it with useful information you 

might need given a survival circumstance or at the very least when its 2AM and you find 

yourself on reddit and you scroll over an article about preparation maybe take a look

at it instead of doing the reddit 50/50 challenge :P

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